Youtube Revival Begins

Three weeks ago my account was enable for monetizing, and that started my push to become a YouTube partner. Making full length short films is difficult with school and work, but making smaller, compressed videos is very possible (I call them “fun size”). To make the launch official, I uploaded “Adriatica Montage” a 4 minute cinematic montage of where I worked over the summer. I made this video a few months ago, but was not fully synced to the music and had no Color Grading, so I tweaked it up a bit.

I hope to start uploading videos twice a month, if not more frequent. Expect to see them every Friday. The journey to partnership begins now.

Watch Adriatica Montage.


Canon 60D Slow Motion!

Today was a ordinary day at the Chapel, when right before our lunch break, we find a shiny sword, and how could we resist filming something Epic right then and there.

So this is what we came up with:

We shot Full Auto (big no-no), and at 720p 60p. Anyone can accomplish the same effect with several editing suites (we used FCP7 and AECS4), but the key is a high shutter speed and recording at 60P! 60i just won’t cut it.

Our first actual short film

The Inland project really tested out VFX skills, but it’s not a short film, its a 40 second action scene. So, our next project will be our first actual short film, with dialogue, a story and all. And of course, action!

We plan on using Kickstarter to come up with the funds for the project, not much, just a few hundred dollars or so. These funds will be used for props and costume, and possibly some audio gear as well.

If you wish to help us out, act in our films or join the crew, fill out the form below:



Inland Project is done! (It’s about time!)

The short film, McKinney, renamed The Inland Project, is rendered and now available to watch on Youtube! This short took 2 months to complete, arguably way too long for something less then a minute long. But with other client projects, the Inland Project was neglected quite a bit.

Watch it now!

With our first short finished, we already started preroduction on our next project, along with doing several VFX tests to prepare for the massive shots were planing on shooting.

We’ll keep you guys up to date!


Welcome to Conjure films!

Back in 2010, Drake Welsh created, a website we intended to host all of our content and progress while we geared up to film Fall of New Cade. But due to scheduling issues, the website was neglected, and was not up to the quality we wanted to display. Conjure films was non existent back then, with the team struggling to come up with a brand name. So we are reserving the name for the official FoNC website.

Now, in the summer of 2011, we decided to revive our presence on the interwebs, with a fresh, updated look. We will be updating the site very frequently. We are also refreshing our crew, looking for teenagers who carry themselves as pros in the industry around the Dallas Metroplex, and building up the VFX team as well. We are now offering freelance work to creators of any media, to do motion graphic and VFX for any projects.